Moving into your first apartment can be an exciting and challenging step into adulthood. It may be easier to let student housing pick out a dorm room for you, but there are many benefits that come with putting a little extra energy into finding an apartment.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can reap when you move out of your college dorm:

1. Your Own Bedroom

Is there more that needs to be said for this? There is nothing more freeing than having a space that is your own and not accommodating your lifestyle to someone else’s. So, stay up as late as you want and sleep in until noon if you’d like; there’s no one in your room to stop you!

2. Choose Your Own Roommates

Dorms are tailored to a specific number of occupants whereas apartments come in many different capacities. You just need to find the right apartment for you and your friends. And if the idea of living with others isn’t appealing, there are also one bedrooms available for living solo!

3. Less Competition for the Bathroom

No need to wake up early to catch a free shower or wait in line for the toilet. You can also leave all your toiletries, towels, and decor ideas in your own bathroom. With fewer people to share, time spent in the bathroom will be much easier.

4. Freedom

Apartments have much more freedom than dorm halls because there is no RA to monitor your movements and no curfew hours. You can come and go as you please in your apartment.

5. Privacy and Personal Space

No more noisy neighbors distracting you while you’re trying to study. You will be more productive and less bothered when you trade up to apartment living.

6. Provide Your Own Furnishings

Have you noticed that dorm sofas look like they belong in a 1970s hotel lobby? Not to mention the lumpy, twin-sized bed you’re issued in a dorm. If you want to have more control over your space, an unfurnished apartment will be perfect for you. You can choose the furnishings and décor that fit your style and complement each other. Stretch your creative muscles and gain some interior design skills decorating and furnishing your first apartment.

7. Kitchen Envy

Having your own in-apartment kitchen is a huge upgrade from walking down your dorm hall to microwave your Easy Mac. Not only is this a convenience, but it also encourages you to test your culinary skills and improves your cooking in the long run.

8. Adulting

Your first apartment can be a challenging experience with rent, bills, and housework. But the reward that comes from learning these skills early on is tremendous. You will certainly feel like a full-fledged adult when you can balance your midterms and rent payments like a pro. There is no feeling greater than successfully “adulting”, and your first apartment will be just the experience to move you forward.

If you’re looking for apartments close to the Bemidji State campus but far enough away for some independence, check us out at Bemidji Presidential Estates. You’ll find a community of rental apartments sure to meet all your needs for comfortable, relaxed living!