Maintenance attendants John and Ben Porter have both worked for Bemidji Presidential Apartments for three years. Following our theme of getting to know the employees at Whelan Properties, we asked John and Ben a few questions about their positions.

What is Your Background?

John: I was born and raised in the Bemidji area. I graduated high school in 2009. Besides the year I spent working in the North Dakota oil fields, I have worked in construction around the Bemidji area since I was 14 years old. I was married in 2013 and have two awesome boys – ages 2 and 6 months.

Ben: I was born, raised, and homeschooled in the Bemidji Area.


What Responsibilities are Included in Your Position?

John: Mowing, snow removal, garbage removal, landscaping, Sprinkler system maintenance, painting, and helping the Maintenance Manager, Matt, with indoor maintenance.

Ben: snow removal, lawn mowing and trimming, sidewalk edging, running the garbage truck, cleaning lint traps, painting, carpet shampooing, landscaping new buildings, picking up trash, and power washing.


What is the Most Common question you hear from residents or future resident?

Ben: During snow removal, “Do you need me to move my car?” The answer is usually, “Yes.”


What is Your Favorite Part of Your Job?

John: I enjoy making the property look clean and professional.

Ben: Using machines like bobcats, mowers, or garbage trucks.


What do you Like about Working at Whelan Properties/Bemidji Presidential Apartments?

John: I’m able to walk to work! I’m a tenant as well as an employee.

Ben: I like the flexible hours and making the property look nice in the summer.


What Tips do You Have for Residents?

John: Keep your vehicles away from the sidewalks in the winter. This allows us to keep the sidewalks clean. And please move your vehicle when you see the snow removal equipment outside.

Ben: Please don’t throw cigarette butts on the ground!


What is your Favorite Thing about Living in Bemidji?

John: The seasons: spring, summer, and fall are all beautiful.


John and Ben take pride in their work and are dedicated to making Bemidji Apartments look it’s best all year round. Get to know the entire Bemidji apartment crew on our blog. If you have any questions about Bemidji Presidential Apartment or Whelan Properties, contact us here.