Moving into a new apartment can be exciting. Empty space and blank walls are opportunities to create a new flow to your living area.

New furniture and décor can quickly eat up any budget, but an apartment should look more put together than your first-year dorm room. The challenge is to make your apartment look like you spent a fortune without spending it.

We have some tips that will take your apartment from bare to beautiful without breaking the bank.

Shop Around for Used Furniture

Check websites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Let Go. You can also join Facebook sale communities to snag a few great deals. There are so many methods to finding great used furniture at rock bottom prices! New furniture is largely overpriced, making this a wonderful way to save money furnishing your new apartment.

Use What You Have

Not finding the best selection on used furniture? Take what you already have and jazz it up with some crafting. Re-envision your furniture by adding a layer of paint, stripping the wood, or using the pieces to create something new for your space. For inspiration, check out our Pinterest board full of restoration projects.

Find Your Inner Artist

Buying art can be expensive, but filling the walls with art that you make yourself is a cheap and fun way to liven up your space. Grab a bucket of paint and a canvas to make your own masterpiece. Or go even simpler; use washi tape for a statement wall. Find a shower curtain you like and mount it to a wood back. Look for some fabric wallpaper. Use postcards and printed photos hung in a display. The possibilities are endless and the process will be fun and inspiring.

Start with the Essentials and Work Your Way Up

If you’re working with a tight budget, prioritize what you need for your space and get those items checked off your list first. For example, you may decide a sofa is more important than a nightstand, so get the sofa first! You can always improvise or make do with the items that are less important to your space.

Plants are Always a Good Idea

Plants are an inexpensive and fun way to bring color and life into your apartment. Pops of green are sure to make you and your space feel refreshed while keeping the air clean. Just be sure you choose the right plant for your levels of light and keep them happy with the right amount of water!

Raid Pinterest

When in doubt: Pinterest it out. Pinterest is full of cool ideas for transforming cheap objects into chic décor. Finish off your apartment with small statement pieces handmade from everyday objects. There’s no simpler or more fun way to make the space your own. Check out our Pinterest board for some easy décor DIY ideas.