Your living experience at Bemidji Presidential Apartments is important to us. In order to give you a great experience, we’ve brought together the best team to take care of all your apartment living needs.

Introducing Matt Gulmon: Apartment Maintenance Expert

Matt is our jack-of-all-trades, go-to handyman, and expert maintenance tech. Not only can he fix just about anything you put before him, he’s just an all-around great guy.

Let’s rewind 12 years when many of our buildings were being built. Matt was at the ground level working with the general contractor to make our building plans take shape into the beautiful apartments you see all around Bemidji today. Five years ago we hired him to be our maintenance tech and we couldn’t be happier to have him on our team!

Matt has been working within the construction industry for years – everything from plumbing to electrical and foundation to shingles. He has his CDL and has worked extensively on boilers and furnaces. He loves learning about all things maintenance. Currently, his favorite part of his job is appliance repair. He loves the puzzle of figuring out what’s wrong and finding the best solution to fix it.

He also loves the freedom of the position – when someone has an urgent request, he’s able to stop by and fix it right away. The flexibility and variety of requests keeps him on his toes! Other than being outside on cold, Bemidji days, Matt loves everything about the job.

Bemidji Apartment Residents

As a resident at Bemidji Presidential Apartments, getting Matt to help you fix something in your apartment is quick and easy. Simply call the main office and they’ll relay your maintenance request to Matt. You can expect him there within a day, and it’s not uncommon for him to be there within the hour!

Apartment Maintenance Tips
To make your living experience even better, Matt has a few apartment living tips for you:

  1. Don’t pour grease down the drain – it clogs the drain and can make quite the mess!
  2. Make sure your blinds aren’t overlapping before moving them. If they are overlapping, you can easily ruin the blinds.
  3. On snowy days, be mindful of where you car is parked. The snow removal team keeps the sidewalks and parking lot as clear as possible, but will work around your cars. Keeping your car away from the sidewalk and moving it to cleared sections of the parking lot makes it easier to keep the lot clear.
  4. Use a 60-watt bulb – anything higher is too much!
  5. Don’t forget to turn your heat down on the warm summer days.
  6. If the toilet flapper/handle isn’t working, call us! Matt will have it working in no time.

One final tip, don’t worry about doing your own maintenance – that’s why we have Matt! If you have something you need fixing, give the office a call: (218) 755-9500. We’re here to make your living experience comfortable.