It’s a dilemma that a lot of young adults face; should you get a roommate, or would you rather live alone? While being on your own can seem more appealing, there are many advantages of having a roommate. We’ve all heard stories about how a roommate can become your best friend forever or a mild disaster, so let’s talk about why and how to find the right person to share your pad.

Why Get a Roommate at All?

Finances: A roommate will not only share your rent but your ramen too. Depending on how you work things out, you can arrange to share the costs of utilities, groceries, or even furniture – just make sure you both understand who gets that futon in the long run. If bedroom sizes are drastically different, calculate rent based on square footage to be fair.

Social: A roommate is an instant hangout buddy. At the most, you have a friend for life who will get to know you better than anyone else. At the very least, you have someone to watch movies with and complain to after a hard day. Plus, combine your pools of friends and meet new people!

Safety: Having another person in the home can be a security benefit and make you feel more comfortable on those dark and stormy nights. But you should also be careful of choosing a roommate that you don’t know very well. Your security depends on their trustworthiness and good judgment, so research them thoroughly before signing the lease.

How Do You Find a Good Roommate?

   Ask Around or Advertise

Ask your friends if they know anyone who’s looking for a place to rent and then get the dish on what that person is like. Advertise through websites like Craigslist, Padmapper, Roomie Match, or your college’s message boards. You can even go the traditional route and make up some flyers to hang in the area.

  Provide Lots of Details

In your ad, include information like price per month, location, distance to transportation or campus, whether it includes utilities, furniture, or is a walk-up, and if pets are allowed. It’s also a good idea to include a little personality to give people an idea of what kind of roommate you’re going to be. If you’re a serious student looking for a quiet, studious roomie, say that. If you’re into the night life, let your fun-loving personality come through. Here’s a template to get you started.

    Meet in Person and Interview!

Nothing can substitute meeting a person face-to-face. Not only can you get a sense of their personality and trustworthiness, (not to mention hygiene) but you can ask questions that you might not think of over the phone. Ask them about their cleaning habits, sleeping habits, hobbies and extracurriculars, and their working or study schedules. All of these factors will become major parts of your new life of your roommate, so go with your gut when choosing the person who will be just down the hall. Who knows—you could become the next great celeb roommate pair, like Ben Affleck & Matt Damon or Jonah Hill & Justin Long.

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